Monday, February 10, 2020

Health and saftey Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Health and saftey - Essay Example The workers in the farm shall also be seriously exposed to danger if the cracks in the chamber will not be secured. The cattles and sheeps which are positioned in the field will also be endangered once the chamber totally breaks or explodes. The people who will be passing the road near the chamber, which has a distance of 1 mile from the main road, can also be seriously affected by the faulty sewer system. 3. Evaluation of Risks: Since there is a high risk or probability that the condition of the cracks will worsen any time soon, it is deemed best that the appropriate measures should be taken to seal the cracks of the main junction chamber by applying a sealant. In the event that no action is taken to seal the existing cracks in the walls of the chamber, it is expected that the condition of the chamber which can lead to its total breakdown. 4. Implementation: Since sealant fumes are known to cause drowsiness and are known to be heavier than air, toxic and highly inflammable, it is re commended that all persons working in the farm, even the farm animals should be taken to a safer place while repair of the main junction chamber is on-going. ... The application of the sealant must be done immediately in order to prevent the build-up of cracks to worsen. However, this is only a temporary solution. It is highly recommended that a total replacement of the main junction chamber should be implemented so that the solution is long-term. The goal of this precautionary measure is to foster a safe working environment for the workers and shall serve as a protection for the whole community, including the animals, living within the vicinity where the chamber is situated. Establishing a risk assessment plan will result to controlled risks. â€Å"Workers and others have a right to be protected from harm caused by a failure to take reasonable control measures. Accidents and ill health can ruin lives and affect your business if output is lost, machinery is damaged, insurance costs increase or you have to go to court†. Details on risk assessment can be found at the Health and Safety Executive website which can be viewed at . Operation 2 1. Hazards: The maintenance of the grass verge, trees and hedgerows which is adjacent to the highway and within the vicinity of a junior school, should be done regularly as the local police suspects that drug traders have been operating in the area and can be hide-out for criminal activities. 2. Who may be harmed: The students who go to the school within the vicinity can be the potential victims if the grass, trees and hedgerows are not well-kept. The gardener who is tasked to do the clearing and maintenance operation is also seriously at risk since he is the only person tasked to complete the job. He can be exposed to danger if during the operation, he is attacked by a group of drug

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